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Connectivity in the second machine age

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Our Purpose is to hide complexity and set you free

Our team has the skills to enable your product idea or IOT thing to send and receive data, which is the lifeblood of your business plan.  Essentially we hide all the complexity of connectivity, networking and data comms; providing you with the ability to have seamless data flows.  We provide a range of commercial solutions from idea prototyping to helping you understand scale manufacture and will find an appropriate solution for current and future demands.

Our approach is to find the path of least resistance

Our driving principle is to provide you with a working solution as fast as possible on the minimum viable budget so you can market test your innovation with something that works.  When the evidence indicates a viable business, then is the time to design and engineer for beauty, least cost, scale, manufacture, reliability and growth.  We don’t favour any technology or vendor freeing you to make an informed  decision based on budget, risk and aspiration.

Open all hours components and skills

You can buy systems, sub-systems, boards and components from us, all come pre-configured and with global data SIMS if needed. We can configure them so they work out of the box, or work with you to integrate them. Whlist our preference is to hide all the complexity for you, we will teach you how to set them up so you can do it yourself and provide fault finding services as needed

Open all hours components and skills